Fitness on the Go: Mastering Workouts Anywhere, Anytime with Smart Strategies

I’ve walked into plenty of hotel gyms in my traveling career only to have my heart sink. The story is usually the same. Treadmill, elliptical, bike… disgusting carpet! The floor space that is available would put you right behind that person walking on the treadmill, probably causing some discomfort for both parties! On the flipside, I’ve showed up to some hotel gyms and they have every bit of equipment that I could hope for to continue my normal workout routine. 

The common theme in both instances, and everything in between, is that I had no idea what to expect until I actually arrived at the hotel. I’m in a good habit of checking out the gym immediately after check in, but I didn’t always have that instinct. So I would get my surprise at the break of dawn when I was trying to get my workout in prior to my busy day. A lot of times, my planned workout was completely busted. I stopped planning out workouts ahead of time, so I then spent 15 minutes of my precious time creating one instead of actually working out.

We want working out in a hotel gym to be easy for you. That’s why we are working relentlessly on building our database of hotel gyms and workouts at those gyms. In addition to this, we want to give you a jump start to getting a workout in that fits the situation that you have. That’s why we developed our series of workouts specific to your gym and time limitations. Check out the link below for free access to this resource!

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