Elevate Your Fitness Experience: Unveiling My Vision of the Perfect Hotel Gym

If I had the ability to sit down with a new hotel owner and provide my input on how to design their workout facility, I could get very expansive with what I want. It would end up looking like a full on gym. But taking a more realistic approach, I do have some input for those new hotels being designed. Who knows… with the building of community and feedback on this site, we may have some eventual influence to new build hotels.

Let’s start with a basic design in a fairly limited amount of space. Most new hotels these days put much more emphasis on the gym up front. But that doesn’t mean that there is necessarily the space. Or this may be relevant to any hotel owner looking to redo their current gym space. In a real world setting, we would have to look at budget when determining what to include. 

But my wish list for a moderate amount of space:

-(2) Assault Fitness (link for associates?) treadmills → They have various designs, but having a non powered treadmill in the gym would be killer. These provide a more challenging workout, as they require the athlete’s own power to move the belt, so therefore require more effort and exertion. This will help burn more calories and improve endurance. Also, they engage more muscle groups: Walking or running on a manual treadmill requires more muscle activation in the legs, core, and upper body, as the athlete needs to push the belt with their own power. This can lead to a more complete and effective workout.

-(2) Water Rower (I recommend the LIT Strength Machine – Link) → Low impact training taking our Hotel Athletes game to the next level! While most would consider the rower an cardio endurance building machine, we can’t forget the total body workout experience that include legs, core, back, and arms. A quick tutorial on how to row, and this versatile piece of equipment can be used for any fitness level.

-1 set of dumbbells 5 lb – 45 lb → Dumbbells speak for themselves. So many workout plans can incorporate moves utilizing dumbbells. With limited space, we won’t go above 45’s, but should be inclusive for all. If you like big weights, change up the pace with higher reps while on the road, and get back to the heavy stuff when back home.

-(2) Pullup bar → This is probably my biggest request for all hotel gyms to have, and probably the easiest to get set up today if the current space does not have one. This can be as simple as mounting a pullup bar to the wall (given that the ceilings are high enough!). Another easy and affordable option is the pullup/dip combination stand. These offer the athlete additional exercises for triceps and core, and are relatively low in the space they take up. Now if you want to go out and get a fancy squat rack that has the pullup bar incorporated, by all means, please! But that is extra from our minimal bare requirements.

-Kettlebells (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lb) → This small set of weights can be a very versatile range for several high intensity full body exercises. They promote functional strength by targeting areas like the core, legs, back, shoulders, and arms. On top of that, they are often involved in high intensity workouts that elevate the heart rate and improve cardio. When your time is limited, kettlebells are great pieces of equipment, as they provide challenging workouts in a shorter amount of time.

-Exercise ball → Exercise balls are very underrated, but can be a staple in any workout. The core exercises that can be accomplished with these balls are endless (check out here for a full body workout that utilizes the stability ball). Additionally, they can step your stretch game up by adding to your mobility training. Staying limber while traveling is key to feeling strong through the full trip, and keeping your body ready to adapt to whatever comes its way.

That’s it! That can keep me busy with intense workouts for a full week of travel. It will keep me on track with my workout plan, and most others’ as well! To finish off the article, take a look at how this layout could look! A lot of intense working out in a fairly small footprint!

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